Diet Data 7/30

This sissy needs to not make any late night trips to fast food places if she wants to keep her diet! Ugh…1070 calories over…

30-Jul 1 Nissin Shrimp Cup Noodle Soup 330
30-Jul 2 Bowls of Lucky Charms w/ 2% Milk 700
30-Jul 1 Large Carl’s Jr. Rootbeer 300
30-Jul 2 Double Western Bacon Cheesburgers 1840
30-Jul Spam and Ramen Noodle Soup 400
30-Jul 1 Nissin Shrimp Cup Noodle Soup 330
30-Jul 2 Bowls of Lucky Charms w/ 2% Milk 700
30-Jul 1 Large Carl’s Jr. Rootbeer 300
30-Jul 2 Double Western Bacon Cheesburgers 1840
30-Jul Spam and Ramen Noodle Soup 400

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Oh No!

Today’s been a rough day…

First of all, this bra has been itching ALL DAY. I thought I’d get used to it by now…sure there are periods where I don’t notice it, but then there are periods where it’s itching sooooo bad. On top of that, peeing while sitting down is still a nuisance, the cuts on my arms I sustained while shaving sting, and my workout today has left me completely exhausted…being a sissy is so much work!

Also, I didn’t keep my diet today any better than yesterday. I should NOT have eaten those two Carl’s Jr. Western’s, but they were 2 for $4! How could a sissy like me resist a bargain like that? Still, that brought my calorie count to over 3500…meaning ELEVEN more demerits for me! And I JUST finished writing 30 lines and doing 18 minutes of corner time to work of the last nine…*sigh*…I guess I won’t get to roll to masturbate tomorrow either.

In speaking of which, gosh I know I’m complaining but I want to masturbate so badly. Sex is all that’s on my dirty little mind right now. I should take a cold shower.

My final gripe for the night, I promise…I guess all this acting like a sissy has lessened my driving ability as well, I totally sideswiped a sign on a curb. In my defense, it was sticking WAY out and was a very low sign. I have a giant scratch on my passenger door now though =(.

Now I have to try to go to bed in this itchy bra…ugh! Also, I promise as soon as I install my printer driver I’ll get the scans of the lines I wrote posted! They read “A sweet sissy shouldn’t always obey her sweet tooth”. Written in pink cursive with the i’s dotted with hearts of course!

Much Love,

Sissy Christina

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So far, my life as a sissy has allowed me to make a few observations about the female gender:

First, the bra. I’ve worn panties tons, so the tight, pink thong I’m currently wearing is uncomfortable, but nothing unusual. I’ve never worn a bra for more than a few hours though and man are those things annoying. I’m constantly having to discreetly adjust the elastic or scratch an itchy chest. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this thing would be if I actually had breasts.

Second, there’s the whole peeing while sitting thing. This is probably one of the most major inconveniences in the rules. I’m used to unzipping and letting loose, but now it’s a whole production just to pee. I can also totally understand the whole toilet seat thing now that I always need it down. It’s always very annoying when it’s up.

Finally, I only got some of my body shaved today, even spending a half hour in the shower. I have just SO MUCH body hair. I managed to get my arms, one of my legs, and most of my chest shaved. I cut myself around my wrist and ankle. Tomorrow I’ll try doing around my sissy clit, the other leg, and my back. I’m wearing a short sleeved polo today, and I feel quite self-conscious about the hairlessness of my arms, but no one seems to notice for now. I don’t know what I’ll say if someone asks…that I’m a biker or a swimmer, probably.

Ok so…I have a confession to make. This sissy was bad last night and ended up eating NINE more Twizzler’s…putting me 900 calories over my diet (gosh that sounds so much worse in writing…).  So I have 9 demerits to work off, and I don’t even get to roll today to see if I get to masturbate…The good news is at least the tights and period rolls didn’t come up as 1’s, or I’d be REALLY uncomfortable right now.

The diet is a lot harder to keep than I thought, especially with my killer sweet tooth. I need some sweet snacks that are low-cal…any suggestions?

So I guess that’s what I’m doing tonight, writing 90 lines to work off those demerits…*sigh*…I’ll post the scans here when I’m done of course =P.

Much Love,

Sissy Christina

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5 Panties I Want

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Diet Data

I did NOT think that Twizzlers were so calorie-rific…I used to eat 15 of those in one sitting =(.

EDIT: But I did end up eating 12!!! ='(…that put me 900 calories over 2500, and earned me 9 demerits for it!

Item Calories
8 Knott’s Strawberry Shortbread Cookies 240
1 Nissin Chicken Cup Noodle Soup 300
1 Bowl of Rice Krispies w/ 2 Tbsp Sugar & 2% Mik 350
4 Slices Large Pizza Hut Pepperoni Thin Crust 1200
1 Bowl Fruit Salad 100
12 Pieces of Twizzlers Cherry Pull n Peel 1200

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First Night of Being a Sissy

Well, almost anyway.

So coming home from work today I stopped by Target, where I purchased a large pink sports bra (my feminine purchase of the week) and this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan.

Finding the sports bra took a while, and I had to wander through the lingerie section a for a while, Cosmopolitan in hand. The cool thing is, I found I’m no longer scared to buy panties/bras anymore. The trick is that I tell myself that I belong there. My money’s as good as anyone else’s’, so why shouldn’t I take my time to browse and find what I’m looking for?

Anyway finally I gave up and decided to get a cute 6 pack of bikini panties. They were only 4.50 and had some very fun prints on them. As I was walking out of the lingerie department with the panties, I saw the sports bras, so I got a pink one and ditched the panties. The reason I wanted a sports bra was because I needed a bra without an underwire so that I could wear it inconspicuously under my shirt. I’m wearing it now in fact, and man is it a strange sensation. This isn’t the first time I’ve worn a bra, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve worn one in public.

In speaking of which — after I had come home, put on a pair of lacy bikinis (pink with white polka dots), read a bit of the Cosmo, and painted my nails a bright pink, I hit the gym. Working out in a bra and panties felt weird and invigorating. I sweat a lot, so by the time I was done, the sports bra was soaked underneath my polo shirt. Fortunately it’s thick material, so it didn’t soak through to my polo. That could have been embarrassing!

The first big test of this whole foray into sissyhood came this evening, as my random number generator came up a 7, meaning I could masturbate. I did so and at the point of climax, I almost didn’t catch my cum so that I could eat it. But I forced myself to down my own discharge and doing that single submissive act made it easier to sit in the discomfort of a tight bra and panties during the afterglow.

I’m used to masturbating twice a day, so I feel my sissy clit getting harder as it wears into the night. Sleeping might be tough tonight, with a hard clit, tight bra, and the itchy lace on my panties. Luckily for me, the random number generator did not come up with the numbers for wearing tights, or starting my sissy period (thank god! I so do not look forward to having a bulky pad in my panties or a tampon up my ass!).

I also kept my diet today! Diet stats will be posted shortly, see you tomorrow!

Much Love,

Sissy Christina

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Sissy Rules

OK gang! Here are the sissy rules that I wrote up today. These are the rules that I shall force myself to abide by until September 21st. Please feel free to add amendments and additions in the comments, and I shall amend and add to it as I think of things along the way.

I’m definitely terrible at following rules, which is why I put in a demerit system (Section V). Note how lacking the punishment section is. I’m definitely going to try to add to it as time goes on, don’t worry. I don’t have any demerits yet though, because I’ve been a very good little sissy O=P.

  1. Feminine Appearances
    1. Underwear
      1. Sissy is to wear female underwear (bottoms and a top) at all times.
        1. Punishment:  2 demerits per hour not worn (either or both)
      2. Each day, Sissy will roll a 1d14. On a result of 1, Sissy will wear tights for the next 24 hours.
        1. Punishment: 10 demerits per infraction
    2. Nail Care
      1. Sissy may not bite her nails
        1. Punishment: 2 demerits per infraction.
      2. Sissy must keep her toenails painted at all times
        1. Punishment: 1 demerit per hour of unpolished toenails
    3. Body Hair
      1. Sissy is to keep her body completely shaved of hair at all times
        1. Punishment: 5 demerits per missed day of shaving
    4. Exercise and Diet
      1. Sissy is to stick to a 2500 calorie diet
        1. Sissy must catalogue all foods she eats
        2. Punishment: 1 demerit per 100 calories exceeded
        3. Punishment: 5 demerits for not cataloguing a day’s eating
      2. Sissy is to exercise every day
        1. Punishment: 5 demerits per day missed
  2. Feminine Pursuits
    1. Sissy is to read/watch one piece of feminine literature/movie every two weeks.
      1. Punishment: 10 demerits per day overdue.
    2. Sissy is to read each issue of Cosmopolitan cover to cover before that issue’s month is over.
      1. Punishment:  10 demerits per day over due
    3. Sissy must always sit down to pee
      1. Punishment:  5 demerits per infraction
    4. Sissy will write in her diary blog every day
      1. Punishment: 3 demerits per day missed
    5. Sissy will make one feminine purchase per week
      1. Punishment: 5 demerits per day overdue
  3. Sissy Period
    1. Sissy is to roll a 1d28 if not already on her period. On a roll of 1, she is considered to be on her period for 1d8 days.
      1. During her period, sissy cannot masturbate.
      2. During her period, sissy must either wear a pad or a tampon 24/7
      3. Punishment: 1 demerit per hour without pad or tampon.
  4. Masturbation
    1. Sissy may roll 1d7 every day. She gets to masturbate once during that day if it is a 7.
      1. Sissy may not roll if she currently has demerits
      2. Sissy may not roll if she is on her sissy period
      3. Sissy must consume as much of her sissy juice as she possibly can after masturbating.
      4. Punishment: 50 demerits for masturbating without authorization
      5. Punishment: 20 demerits for failing to consume all of her sissy juice
  5. Punishments
    1. 1 demerit can be paid off with one of the following:
      1. 10 lines
      2. 3 minutes of corner time

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Starting Out

Hello, my name is Sissy Christina.

I guess the first thing to do is tell a little bit about myself. I’m a male college student in San Diego. I currently live at home with my family so that I can save for when I’m ready to live on my own (hopefully in a year). I started this blog because I am a sissy, and I wish to chronicle the next couple of months in which I’ve decided to explore being a sissy 24/7.

You see, it’s like this. I’ve decided that until school starts up again (September 21st) I’m going to follow a certain set of “Sissy Rules” that I hope to have drafted in the next few days. A few of the rules I’m currently thinking of:

  • Under no circumstances is male underwear to be worn
  • Toenails must be painted at all times
  • Body must be shaved at all times
  • No standing to pee

Those are just a few of the many ideas I have running around in my head.

I’m not really sure what made me decide to do this. I’ve been a sissy for a long time — always dressing up in panties and relishing in femininity. All I know is that I woke up this morning and I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my summer. As far as summer projects go, this one should be fun.

Well, I hope you’ll excuse this rather short post, I promise I’ll go into more complete details tomorrow!

Much Love,

Sissy Christina

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