First Night of Being a Sissy

July 30, 2009 Christina
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Well, almost anyway.

So coming home from work today I stopped by Target, where I purchased a large pink sports bra (my feminine purchase of the week) and this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan.

Finding the sports bra took a while, and I had to wander through the lingerie section a for a while, Cosmopolitan in hand. The cool thing is, I found I’m no longer scared to buy panties/bras anymore. The trick is that I tell myself that I belong there. My money’s as good as anyone else’s’, so why shouldn’t I take my time to browse and find what I’m looking for?

Anyway finally I gave up and decided to get a cute 6 pack of bikini panties. They were only 4.50 and had some very fun prints on them. As I was walking out of the lingerie department with the panties, I saw the sports bras, so I got a pink one and ditched the panties. The reason I wanted a sports bra was because I needed a bra without an underwire so that I could wear it inconspicuously under my shirt. I’m wearing it now in fact, and man is it a strange sensation. This isn’t the first time I’ve worn a bra, but it’s definitely the first time I’ve worn one in public.

In speaking of which — after I had come home, put on a pair of lacy bikinis (pink with white polka dots), read a bit of the Cosmo, and painted my nails a bright pink, I hit the gym. Working out in a bra and panties felt weird and invigorating. I sweat a lot, so by the time I was done, the sports bra was soaked underneath my polo shirt. Fortunately it’s thick material, so it didn’t soak through to my polo. That could have been embarrassing!

The first big test of this whole foray into sissyhood came this evening, as my random number generator came up a 7, meaning I could masturbate. I did so and at the point of climax, I almost didn’t catch my cum so that I could eat it. But I forced myself to down my own discharge and doing that single submissive act made it easier to sit in the discomfort of a tight bra and panties during the afterglow.

I’m used to masturbating twice a day, so I feel my sissy clit getting harder as it wears into the night. Sleeping might be tough tonight, with a hard clit, tight bra, and the itchy lace on my panties. Luckily for me, the random number generator did not come up with the numbers for wearing tights, or starting my sissy period (thank god! I so do not look forward to having a bulky pad in my panties or a tampon up my ass!).

I also kept my diet today! Diet stats will be posted shortly, see you tomorrow!

Much Love,

Sissy Christina


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