July 30, 2009 Christina
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So far, my life as a sissy has allowed me to make a few observations about the female gender:

First, the bra. I’ve worn panties tons, so the tight, pink thong I’m currently wearing is uncomfortable, but nothing unusual. I’ve never worn a bra for more than a few hours though and man are those things annoying. I’m constantly having to discreetly adjust the elastic or scratch an itchy chest. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this thing would be if I actually had breasts.

Second, there’s the whole peeing while sitting thing. This is probably one of the most major inconveniences in the rules. I’m used to unzipping and letting loose, but now it’s a whole production just to pee. I can also totally understand the whole toilet seat thing now that I always need it down. It’s always very annoying when it’s up.

Finally, I only got some of my body shaved today, even spending a half hour in the shower. I have just SO MUCH body hair. I managed to get my arms, one of my legs, and most of my chest shaved. I cut myself around my wrist and ankle. Tomorrow I’ll try doing around my sissy clit, the other leg, and my back. I’m wearing a short sleeved polo today, and I feel quite self-conscious about the hairlessness of my arms, but no one seems to notice for now. I don’t know what I’ll say if someone asks…that I’m a biker or a swimmer, probably.

Ok so…I have a confession to make. This sissy was bad last night and ended up eating NINE more Twizzler’s…putting me 900 calories over my diet (gosh that sounds so much worse in writing…).  So I have 9 demerits to work off, and I don’t even get to roll today to see if I get to masturbate…The good news is at least the tights and period rolls didn’t come up as 1’s, or I’d be REALLY uncomfortable right now.

The diet is a lot harder to keep than I thought, especially with my killer sweet tooth. I need some sweet snacks that are low-cal…any suggestions?

So I guess that’s what I’m doing tonight, writing 90 lines to work off those demerits…*sigh*…I’ll post the scans here when I’m done of course =P.

Much Love,

Sissy Christina


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