Sissy Rules

July 30, 2009 Christina
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OK gang! Here are the sissy rules that I wrote up today. These are the rules that I shall force myself to abide by until September 21st. Please feel free to add amendments and additions in the comments, and I shall amend and add to it as I think of things along the way.

I’m definitely terrible at following rules, which is why I put in a demerit system (Section V). Note how lacking the punishment section is. I’m definitely going to try to add to it as time goes on, don’t worry. I don’t have any demerits yet though, because I’ve been a very good little sissy O=P.

  1. Feminine Appearances
    1. Underwear
      1. Sissy is to wear female underwear (bottoms and a top) at all times.
        1. Punishment:  2 demerits per hour not worn (either or both)
      2. Each day, Sissy will roll a 1d14. On a result of 1, Sissy will wear tights for the next 24 hours.
        1. Punishment: 10 demerits per infraction
    2. Nail Care
      1. Sissy may not bite her nails
        1. Punishment: 2 demerits per infraction.
      2. Sissy must keep her toenails painted at all times
        1. Punishment: 1 demerit per hour of unpolished toenails
    3. Body Hair
      1. Sissy is to keep her body completely shaved of hair at all times
        1. Punishment: 5 demerits per missed day of shaving
    4. Exercise and Diet
      1. Sissy is to stick to a 2500 calorie diet
        1. Sissy must catalogue all foods she eats
        2. Punishment: 1 demerit per 100 calories exceeded
        3. Punishment: 5 demerits for not cataloguing a day’s eating
      2. Sissy is to exercise every day
        1. Punishment: 5 demerits per day missed
  2. Feminine Pursuits
    1. Sissy is to read/watch one piece of feminine literature/movie every two weeks.
      1. Punishment: 10 demerits per day overdue.
    2. Sissy is to read each issue of Cosmopolitan cover to cover before that issue’s month is over.
      1. Punishment:  10 demerits per day over due
    3. Sissy must always sit down to pee
      1. Punishment:  5 demerits per infraction
    4. Sissy will write in her diary blog every day
      1. Punishment: 3 demerits per day missed
    5. Sissy will make one feminine purchase per week
      1. Punishment: 5 demerits per day overdue
  3. Sissy Period
    1. Sissy is to roll a 1d28 if not already on her period. On a roll of 1, she is considered to be on her period for 1d8 days.
      1. During her period, sissy cannot masturbate.
      2. During her period, sissy must either wear a pad or a tampon 24/7
      3. Punishment: 1 demerit per hour without pad or tampon.
  4. Masturbation
    1. Sissy may roll 1d7 every day. She gets to masturbate once during that day if it is a 7.
      1. Sissy may not roll if she currently has demerits
      2. Sissy may not roll if she is on her sissy period
      3. Sissy must consume as much of her sissy juice as she possibly can after masturbating.
      4. Punishment: 50 demerits for masturbating without authorization
      5. Punishment: 20 demerits for failing to consume all of her sissy juice
  5. Punishments
    1. 1 demerit can be paid off with one of the following:
      1. 10 lines
      2. 3 minutes of corner time

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