Oh No!

July 31, 2009 Christina
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Today’s been a rough day…

First of all, this bra has been itching ALL DAY. I thought I’d get used to it by now…sure there are periods where I don’t notice it, but then there are periods where it’s itching sooooo bad. On top of that, peeing while sitting down is still a nuisance, the cuts on my arms I sustained while shaving sting, and my workout today has left me completely exhausted…being a sissy is so much work!

Also, I didn’t keep my diet today any better than yesterday. I should NOT have eaten those two Carl’s Jr. Western’s, but they were 2 for $4! How could a sissy like me resist a bargain like that? Still, that brought my calorie count to over 3500…meaning ELEVEN more demerits for me! And I JUST finished writing 30 lines and doing 18 minutes of corner time to work of the last nine…*sigh*…I guess I won’t get to roll to masturbate tomorrow either.

In speaking of which, gosh I know I’m complaining but I want to masturbate so badly. Sex is all that’s on my dirty little mind right now. I should take a cold shower.

My final gripe for the night, I promise…I guess all this acting like a sissy has lessened my driving ability as well, I totally sideswiped a sign on a curb. In my defense, it was sticking WAY out and was a very low sign. I have a giant scratch on my passenger door now though =(.

Now I have to try to go to bed in this itchy bra…ugh! Also, I promise as soon as I install my printer driver I’ll get the scans of the lines I wrote posted! They read “A sweet sissy shouldn’t always obey her sweet tooth”. Written in pink cursive with the i’s dotted with hearts of course!

Much Love,

Sissy Christina


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